Retirement Planning

A personal approach to retirement planning with clear strategies to help you accumulate wealth, preserving it so that it serves you well throughout your retirement.

I bring a straightforward philosophy to retirement planning focused on you. Our relationship is a personal one; built on trust and understanding, an understanding between you and us that allows us to work expertly across all aspects of your financial life.

I have a wealth of experience at evaluating existing pensions and assessing whether they remain competitive or should be re-organised and/or transferred to another scheme. I advise on accumulating wealth for retirement, help you to preserve that wealth such that it should serve its purpose throughout your retirement, and will advise you on the most appropriate means for generating an "income" from your funds.

I can also help you with such things as:

  1. Financial Planning
    Helping you identify your key goals and objectives and then help you to achieve these by managing your finances in the most effective way.
  2. Wealth Management / Portfolio Management
    I am highly skilled, experienced and qualified in the evaluation, construction and ongoing management of client investment portfolios.
  3. Tax Planning
    The impact of tax deductions can substantially limit wealth accumulation, especially when saving over the longer-term. Limiting these deductions can therefore be a low-risk means of enhancing the growth rate of your portfolio. This can be achieved through a variety of approaches, each of which has merits and drawbacks depending upon your individual situation.
  4. Estate Planning
    While death and taxes may be certain, this does not mean that they cannot be planned for in advance. Careful thought, consideration and planning help maximise your enjoyment of your wealth during your lifetime, prevent unnecessary disputes and burdens following your death, and ensure that a liability to tax does not arise unnecessarily.
  5. Protection Planning
    Few like talking about the risk and potential implications of death, illness or incapacity within a family. However, the consequences of inadequate planning in this area could be devastating, with financial hardship and potentially little that can be done retrospectively to alleviate this. I can help you calculate your protection needs, evaluate the adequacy and cost-effectiveness of your existing arrangements, and make recommendations for additional cover as appropriate.


Retirement Planning

I advise on accumulating wealth for retirement, help you to preserve that wealth such that it should serve its purpose throughout your retirement.

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